Why is it that in our world of nearly 8 billion people, more than half are not able to connect to the Internet?


“There are indications that Internet growth is slowing, as broadband services extend out of urban areas to more remote, less densely populated areas.” — UNESCO Report 2015


“The western world has established something of a monopoly not only on the Web, but on its content as well…which means that many individuals across the globe remain unaware of the Internet’s potential or cannot use it, because there is little or no useful content in their native language.” — The Broadband Commission for Digital Development


“While most Americans have Internet in their homes, only half of all adults who make less than $30,000 per year do. And 15 percent of Americans don’t have access to the Internet at all…” –Pew Research 2013


“Imprisonment of the mind is as much a sin as imprisonment of the body. We must free people limited by the lack of Internet access.” — U.S. Senator Cory Booker

Communication for Good

Mahala is a sustainable platform for bringing connectivity and communication to the more than 4 billion underserved people around the world.

Focus on Communities

We are focused on establishing inter and intra village networks. Mahala is able to meet immediate communication needs, without introducing the complexity of cross-language or cultural communication gaps.

Every Person Matters

Mahala also eliminates the “land-rush” mentality inherent to the “first world” internet. Every participant within the Mahala network creates value and adds meaningful content within the network, becoming creators instead of consumers of technology

Reduce Environmental Impact

By taking advantage of existing “e-waste” we reduce the overall footprint of electronic devices in landfills around the world and give them a second life–2x the social good.

Reduced Operating Costs

The decentralized nature of Mahala eliminates many of the on-going costs associated with running the first world internet, ensuring that participants never need to be treated as products.

Robust Open Platform

All together, Mahala provides a robust platform for communication, commerce and creativity to service the unconnected population of our world.

What can you do to help?

Problems this big need communities working together to bring change. We need your help!

Donate Money

Mahala is a 501(c)3 organization in the United States, and all contributions go toward increasing the impact we have in reducing communication inequality around the world.

Donate your Device

In order to reduce global e-waste and bring down unnecessary expenses we accept donations of gently used cell phones. Not all models are eligible, but all donations are tax-deductible.

Become a Carrier

Mahala's unique solution  means that everyone can help carry messages on their phone using just a little extra space (and no extra data!)

Help us Develop

Mahala's communication protocols are open source so they can be used by other hardware and software developers to close the communication divide